Boost your earnings

When you seek new ways to boost your business, there’s often a steep learning curve involved. New methods, new skills, new outlay ... the list goes on. The beauty of the NotForgotten Videographer Affiliate Program is how it takes what you already do and generates more options for making that happen. Better still, you can start earning from day one. Here’s How:


We provide you with all the technology, sales and marketing materials you need to set up and start selling NotForgotten time capsules to past and new customers, schools, libraries, seniors centers and brides.


You schedule new revenue opportunities into your working week. Film six people a day virtually or for two hours 1:1 in in-home concierge services. Whatever works for you.


As your differentiation from the competition widens, you can diversify and extend your reach. NotForgotten gives you so many ways to offer your services and help people, so you’ll never be short of new ideas and projects.

All successful businesses thrive on setting themselves apart from competitors.

NotForgotten gives you a new and exclusive service to offer your local customers.

Want to see how this looks in practice?

Opportunities Reimagined

When you take a look at the opportunities you can expect as a NotForgotten Videographer partner, we’d be surprised if you hadn’t covered projects like these before.You already have the skills and expertise to do the job! More importantly, you likely deal with people and businesses of this kind already.

What’s different is how NotForgotten adds new value to what you can offer to your customers.

Take Moms & Dads, Brides & Grooms and Graduates, for example

Families come to life when new babies arrive, and thousands of graduates achieve their dreams every year. Wedding day celebrations happen week on week. These moments are truly special.


As a Notforgotten Videographer you can make so much more of key life stories.

What about Family Gatherings and celebrations like Bar Mitzvahs?

Here’s where the cameras come out to capture the occasion. From milestone birthdays and achievements to cultural cornerstones, you’ll hear old stories retold and new ones made as everyone grows and shares together.These landmark events deserve to live long in the memory.


When you offer NotForgotten Video Services, you can bring more celebrations to life.

Grandparents and Seniors love to tell their stories.

Out on the porch is where the best family tales are told. This generation grew up without so many of today’s media solutions. Their words are often all they have to bring faded photos to life, and they wonder ... how will these stories endure? These personal histories should always be timeless.


As a Notforgotten Videographer you can help tell the stories future generations will enjoy.

Local Businesses have much to gain from your new range of services.

Now you can get creative and set up a host of genuinely enterprising projects. Charities, schools, universities, seniors centers and churches are always looking for new ways to reach out to their members, brighten their fundraising and reward their employees and clients. These businesses are right on your doorstep, looking for new ways to fundraising and solutions.


When you offer NotForgotten Video Services, you can see your opportunities grow.

More people now seek quality coverage of Memorials and Tributes

When people lose loved ones, their desire to remember and celebrate is especially strong. Memorials bring families together to cherish lives lived like no other. Remembrance days never fade when the eulogies and tributes continue to shine bright.These moving tributes are where we celebrate the best of our lives.


As a Notforgotten Videographer you can help share the stories so many will remember.

Anything We’ve Missed?

So many people want their stories told and their celebrations recorded and remembered. We’ve listed the most popular opportunities available to NotForgotten videographers, but you know your business best. If you think for moment, you may see plenty of openings we’ve missed. What matters is that all these projects are waiting to get started right now.

The NotForgotten Advantage

The demand for NotForgotten Time Capsules is rich and varied. What other product can you think of that caters for newlyweds and seniors, businesses and celebrations ... moms, dads, memorials and grads? This is a huge market for one product to serve. That’s because our product is niche, but our potential reach is massive. What matters for you are the stories your videos capture. By far the most important feature of our Time Capsules are the video stories they contain. This is where you and your video expertise come in.

Normal Hours, Regular Life

You know your job is no regular 9-5, and the flexibility may be a big plus for you. But that doesn’t mean you enjoy busting a gut to work crazy and unsociable hours. So you’ll be glad to know that filming for most NotForgotten projects is done during the week. That’s because our clients are mostly regular people and families living regular lives. Put simply, NotForgotten projects are mostly easy to schedule.

Single Location Filming Saves on Time and Money

Some video projects involve hauling your equipment from location to location over several days. This is time consuming and tiring, and your running costs can quickly mount up. NotForgotten projects make no such demands because they typically involve just one location. You can expect plenty of filming in homes, cafes and venues — and then the job is done. When your scheduling and administration is this easy, you can devote more time and energy to your work.

Clear Deliverables and Specifications

Nothing is worse than a complicated brief, especially when it changes as the project develops. Here’s a planning nightmare that eats into your resources and impacts on your creativity. NotForgotten’s big advantage is its simplicity. Our video format keeps to a fixed timing and lends itself to easy edits. So you’ll always know what you need to do.

Our projects take place in one location. We offer our clients ‘concierge’ filming (mostly in homes, occasionally in cafes or other venues), and virtual filming. What this means for you is simple, no nonsense filming. You film the stories at one location, edit them in line with clear guidelines — and then we save them in our Time Capsules. So now when customers query you about your services and what they can expect, you have much more to offer. As a bonus, the new opportunities NotForgotten brings are designed to fit your schedule and grow your future plans.

Exclusive Technology

NotForgotten gives you access to technology not available to other videographers. This means a productivity boost to your business that sets you apart from the competition. For example, our remote filming enables high resolution capabilities far superior to Zoom or Skype. Plus, the technology is simplicity itself to use.

New Services For Customers, Past and Present

Your regular customer base it the lifeblood of your business. Here are satisfied customers who turn to you time and again for your expertise. When you have a great new service to offer, these loyal customers are the first people who will want to know. Now they can add to their story with more options, or bring previous videos together in a novel way.

The Ultimate Added Extra

Everyone loves an added extra. So when people call you for their wedding video, christening or grad ceremony, now you can be sure to overdeliver. A NotForgotten Time Capsule puts the seal on the deal. Not everyone will take you up on the offer, but when they do, this means extra revenue you’re missing right now for work you already do..

Start Earning Today

Nothing captivates hearts and minds like the moving image. People have known this since the early days of cinema. That’s why the first video cameras took the world by storm. Now everyone could film their own stories and save them, just like photographs. As a professional videographer, likely this is very old news to you!But what may surprise you is how quickly you can begin earning as a NotForgotten videography affiliate.

There’s a world of business out there, and our program gives you a new and exciting ways to generate trade and revenue.


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