NotForgotten is a tech company obsessed with saving stories. We help our customers capture their stories and preserve them for up to 300 years.

We co-founded NotForgotten on a simple premise - to keep stories and legacies safe and make stories discoverable and accessible for future generations to enjoy.

With big dreams and small beginnings in the tech startup space today NotForgotten has expanded and documented many thousands of time capsules. We are the technology company chosen by the International Time Capsule Society to catalog and map the 1000’s of time capsules in its holdings and are the proud winners of the 2020 BIG innovation award.

We believe that our stories help us all see how we connect to the world, that leaving a legacy shouldnt cost a fortune, and that by participating in the NotForgotten library we will all contribute to having better understanding of our past.

Our Story

It started with a conversation about “who would you most like to have dinner with”. Talk quickly turned to Paul’s Dad – who had died when Paul was a small boy. Paul spoke about how much he would have valued being able to hear his Dad talk, just once - to get a sense of who he was, the essence of HIM - but that all he has now are faded photos, a newspaper article and a few frayed vital records.

On the headstone of LP Watermans grave in the small remote town of Kalkaska, Michigan is written the inscription “Not Forgotten”.

The Challenge

From that day we became obsessed about a solution to help stories, messages, legacies survive the ravages of centuries of time. Anyone can make a video, and bury a time capsule, but to preserve it properly, and ensure it can easily be found and accessed in 300 years is a major challenge. Almost all stories are lost or forgotten over time. So what keeps memories alive? ….That’s important to consider because time is unkind to photographs, documents and videos. Which means most of the photographic and digital material we all have won't survive for generations, because of data rot. Which means history will go unnoticed, memories will be lost, and stories will die.

The Solution

But now there is a way to ensure that never happens. NotForgotten’s team of archivists, genealogists, blockchain experts, and audio visual media technologists developed the NotForgotten range of time capsules so that generations of a family can enjoy their stories. To complement the technology, we opened a library and formed the Digital Preservation Trust which provides the ultimate peace of mind to our customers.

Company Structure, The Trust and our Associates

Core to our purpose is to remain abreast of technology in the archiving, genealogy and librarian world and our partners and associates are central to that end


The Digital Preservation Trust was established separate to our operations to manage a Guarantee fund and to work hand in hand with the specialists, guided by an advisory board to care for the digital library of time capsules.

Our Technology

NotForgotten prides itself on a technology stack and solution built for scale.

Time capsules are protected from loss and data rot through a cast-iron combination of blockchain encryption and data storage in climate controlled vaults in the USA. NotForgotten adheres to preservation policy standards set forth by the U.S. Library of Congress and the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, so our Time Capsules feature the highest archiving standards, guaranteed.

Time Capsules are linked to a persons genealogy records, recorded on the blockchain, and cataloged in library records to ensure the Time Capsules arent lost or forgotten.

Key features of our technology include

- Trust fund, board of advisors

- Public Library status which record, map and catalog our archives

- Ethereum block chain smart contracts

- High speed media sharing platform utilizing artificial intelligence

- Automated genealogy coding

- Automated video production

Company Description for Investors

NotForgotten® Digital Preservation Library LLC (OCLC library symbol IEFDP) is an organization established to create, record and preserve digital time capsules using technology to save peoples stories for centuries.

Owned by Lynn Paul Waterman and Adrienne Waterman and started in 2018, the company helps its customers capture their stories and keep them preserved for hundreds of years.

Established in Princeton, NJ, USA, the company operates across UK, USA and Australia and South Africa

NotForgotten® Digital Preservation Library LLC, is a holding company. Two subsidiaries operate beneath the holding company – a library entity (the NotForgotten Library Depository) and the operational company (NotForgotten Operations LLC)

NotForgotten Operations LLC sells Digital Time Capsules which are archived for up to 300 years using a technology solution built for scale

The NotForgotten Library Depository protects, registers and maps all types of time capsules worldwide and is overseen by the Digital Preservation Trust.

The NotForgotten Library

The NotForgotten Library Depository is designated as an archive and special library by OCLC. The library acts as trustee of the assets and oversees all aspects of the Time Capsule holdings.

Special collections administration

The Time Capsules Special Collection includes holdings of all digital time capsules licensed to the library by their creators.

The library catalogs and preserves the time capsules, and records them on the WorldCat. It is funded and overseen by the Digital Preservation Trust

The Registry

The registry of Time Capsules contains the records of all Time Capsules buried then registered with the NotForgotten library by members of the public and corporate institutions.

In addition to the registry of NotForgotten Time Capsules, the Library maintains a general global registry and map of all Time Capsules buried anywhere on behalf of the International Time Capsule Society - tracking the worlds time capsules to ensure that those that are created are not lost.

Digital Preservation Trust

The Digital Preservation Trust has been established to ensure the longevity of NotForgotten’s archives and help keep our promises to our customers for centuries to come. It exists in service of the Library. The primary purpose of the Trust is to protect the funding of the Library; to provide financial support to the Library and to be able to support the records and Time Capsules held by the Library, by investing the funds.

The library is overseen by an Advisory Board responsible for the administration of the libraryss continuing obligations for hundreds of years – caring for and making decisions concerning the Time Capsules and the infrastructure which supports them. It is funded through the NotForgotten Guarantee Trust Fund.

Our Partners

NotForgotten works with experts in the field of media technology, genealogy, audio visual archiving and libraries, as well as being a direct associate of the following bodies:

• OCLC : Global Library Cooperative
• International Council of Archives
•FHISO : Family History International Standards Organisaiton
• AMIA : Association of Moving Image Archivists
• International Time Capsule Society

The company has videographer affiliates around the world.


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